Friday December 14th at 3:30 pm EST

Donate money to your nonprofit
Win great egift cards for yourself

Win $100 egift cards to your favorite brands by being the last person to donate $1 when the countdown timer reaches 00:00. Choose the nonprofit or school you want to support and they will receive 90% of everything you donate.

I work in an amazing public alternative special education school that provides programming for students in all categories of special education and services over 29 school districts across 7 counties. Needless to say, our families and staff have a lot on their plates, so finding good fundraisers that both support our needs and don’t overwhelm or burden them financially is often difficult. We are so grateful to have been introduced to Bonbids! It’s a quick, easy, and fun way to raise support. They do all the work! The gift cards are an awesome alternative to some of the usual items sold for fundraising. Monique and her team are supportive and provide outstanding customer service. We are excited to participate in more Bonbids events this upcoming school year.
Lana Lindenmuth, M.Ed.
Special Education Teacher /
Culinary Arts Shop

Go the extra step
Raise money for your nonprofit
Set up a Bonbids Fundraiser

If you like the items you see on our site, set up your very own custom fundraising page and raise money for the nonprofit you feel passionate about using the same items. No set-up fees or subscription charges. Get your family, friends, neighbors and everyone in-between involved. We'll even help you get the word out with a downloadable banner, social media tools, cut-and-paste content and visuals.

Why do merchants donate items to Bonbids?

Bonbids is a cause marketing platform. We make money with merchants who promote themselves on our platform. Merchants can distribute discounts and deals and be featured on our banner network among other services we offer. Merchants donate the items we put up for fundraisers.

How do you win at Bonbids?

Bonbids is a beat-the-clock fundraising game where the last person to donate $1 when the timer reaches 00:00 wins. Up to 10 seconds are added each time a person donates.

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Donate $1 to win

Donate $1 when the clock strikes 00:00 and you win the item for the amount of your donation

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Beat the clock

But watch out up to 10 secs are added to the clock each time a person donates

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You and your cause always win

Didn't win? Don't worry! You'll still get a great deal, a discount or free tries and your nonprofit always gets your donation

What else can I do to raise money with Bonbids?

  • Get the word out early about our fundraisers using the social media tools on each item page
  • Set Robowinners before the fundraisers start. Robowinners donate automatically for you when the timer is closing and up to the amount you set. By setting a robowinner you and your supporters can participate in a fundraiser even if you are not there in person.
  • Encourage early registration. Fundraisers can be fast and furious, by being ready you can increase the likelihood of winning an item

Frequently asked questions

If you want to know the total amount your nonprofit is raising from your contributions and from everyone else who is participating in the Bonbids fundraisers, look at the total amount at the top of your screen. This is a running total that will show you how much is being raised for your nonprofit.
Bonbids raises money only for registered nonprofits in the Guidestar database and remits directly to them when the fundraisers are closed. Bonbids charges 10% of the amount it raises.
Your custom fundraising page and the banner are LIVE which means they will automatically update when we add new items each month. New items are usually added within 24 hours of a fundraiser closing.